Loneliness Can Be A Dangerous Foothold.

My wife and kids are headed out this week to visit her family in California, turning my house into Lonely-ville until next week when I venture out there to meet them for some vacation time. Seldom do I look forward to times like this because, though I find time to take on much-needed projects around the house in their absence, I am much more vulnerable to the false comfort and pleasure that porn can bring. Porn and lust can usually fill a hole inside of us that gets bigger when we are lonely or even unwittingly depressed.
We may not admit it or realize that we are letting fantasies fill the void, but these are times we need to be extra vigilant. Try to find something constructive to occupy your time when you find yourself alone with no accountability. Visit with friends or plan to get some work done. Most of all, use times like this to grow and strengthen your relationship with the Lord. This can be a great growing time through your trial!  Just lean on the Lord and let him work this for His glory, because loneliness is a place we should find solace in Him, not temporal comforts in sin.


About Jeremiah

I am a God-fearing, wife-doting, father of 3 adorably wonderful small children. I find my identity in who Christ has called me to be: a family man, musician, and redeemed escapee of pornographic addiction. I find a new freedom and solace in writing about my experiences and insights the Lord has given me. You will find I have much joy in life, and that as a result, I may inject corny humor and the ironic quip from time-to-time. I just pray that Christ will be glorified through me here, one way or another, by what He gives me to say.

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