What’s stored in your heart?

Lately, I’ve been busy attempting to learn computer programming on my own (that is, when I happen to have any spare time). It’s been good getting to learn a marketable skill from the ground up, even a little fun, for a nerdy guy like me. In a nutshell, computer programming involves using one or more “languages” of code, in order to manipulate a computer into doing what you want it to do. I wish I could say I’ve become an expert in the last couple of months, but that would be a gross misrepresentation of the truth. However, one thing I have learned is that one of the most basic parts of any computer program is something called a variable. Though programming variables are somewhat similar to variables used in math (x, y, etc.), the difference is that algebraic variables have unknown values (x = ???) where programming variables always have a value pre-assigned to them at any time – whether numbers or words (x = “George”). From what I’ve learned, programmers like to think of these variables as “storage bins,” where they essentially store a word or value to be used in a program. A variable is basically a simplified, computer-geek version of your regular old Beanie Baby-laden plastic box – like the one in your garage that you’re afraid to touch because it probably has spiders (heck, those things have been in the dirty corner of the garage for years). However, these variables can only contain one “item,” or value, at a time.

Stepping away from what could easily become a geek-fest of useless (and possibly faulty) knowledge, I want to draw a parallel between these variables and our hearts. Elementarily our hearts are our spiritual “storage bin” (not the blood-pumping muscle bag, I’m talking about the place the Spirit dwells). Whatever thoughts, desires, and intents we put inside there are going to direct our lives. I came to a realization today that there’s still a tiny piece of pornographic appetite that I’m leaving space for in there. I’m not talking about my flesh, which will always be bent toward evil and need to be beaten into submission to Christ, but a part of my conscious mind and heart, waiting to have that desire fulfilled. This is something I’ve allowed to reside in a dusty corner of my heart, and I haven’t removed it because it’s been there so long (think Beanie Baby bin). Though I mostly want to please God, there are too many times I catch a part of myself silently hoping to stumble upon something pornographic during my daily routine. I’m doing what needs to be done to resist temptation, but not entirely hating the idea that I might have overlooked a detail. That’s setting me up for disaster. Paul put it best this way:

A little leaven leavens the whole lump.   – Galatians 5:9

Has this been the case with you? Christ wants my whole heart.  ALL OF IT, dusty beanies included. He wants yours, as well. Let’s remove the poison before it corrupts the rest of our hearts (“leavens the whole lump”).I am giving that filthy desire up to Jesus, who can heal my heart and keep me clean by His Spirit. I am praying that you would do the same! His Word is the best place to start:

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.   – Psalm 119:11

Just as variables used in programming can only hold one thing at a time, the Lord wants the same to be true for our hearts and minds. There should only be room in there for one thing – Him. Anything else has got to go.

P.S. -I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything new in a while… Keep coming!


About Jeremiah

I am a God-fearing, wife-doting, father of 3 adorably wonderful small children. I find my identity in who Christ has called me to be: a family man, musician, and redeemed escapee of pornographic addiction. I find a new freedom and solace in writing about my experiences and insights the Lord has given me. You will find I have much joy in life, and that as a result, I may inject corny humor and the ironic quip from time-to-time. I just pray that Christ will be glorified through me here, one way or another, by what He gives me to say.

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